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Introduction to the basic working principle of the spring machine


The basic working principle of the spring machine can be divided into several parts: the straightening mechanism, the feeding mechanism, the variable diameter mechanism, the pitch control mechanism, and the cutting mechanism.

1. Straightening mechanism: The position of the straightening mechanism is between the rack and the feeding roller. It consists of two sets of straightening rollers. The purpose of the straightening system is to eliminate the original bending deformation of the steel wire. Straight into the forming machine to improve the accuracy of the coil spring.

2. Feeding mechanism: The feeding mechanism is a device that presses the steel wire by one pair or two pairs of feeding wheels, and drives the steel wire to advance straight by the rotation of the feeding wheel. The gears on the shaft of the feed wheel of the fan-shaped incomplete gear are used to complete, and the rotation speeds of the upper and lower rollers are the same, but the rotation directions are opposite. The feed wheel rotates once, and the feed length is the circumference of the feed wheel. The unfolded length of the spring can be determined by the number of rotations of the feed wheel. The number of teeth of the fan-shaped incomplete gear is the number of rotations of the feed wheel (specifically, the reference coefficient table).

Third, the variable diameter mechanism: the variable diameter mechanism refers to the control mechanism of the outer diameter of the spring when winding the spring, which is composed of two ejector pins and a reducing cam that drives the ejector rod. When the cylindrical spring is produced, the spring wire is unchanged, and the two ejector pins are adjusted to the corresponding positions, which conforms to the outer diameter of the spring, and then the positions of the two rams are fixed. When producing the variable diameter spring, such as the convex, frustoconical spring, the upper and lower bars are loosened by the two bolts, so that the ejector rod can be retracted and retracted in the tool holder to change the spring external force and drive the ejector rod through the variable diameter cam. The purpose of producing various variable diameter springs.

4. Pitch change mechanism: The pitch change mechanism is a mechanism for controlling the spring pitch. This machine has two kinds of mechanisms:

(1) It consists of a pitch knife and a variable pitch cam. The variable cam is the effective number of turns of the control spring, and the bolt below the pitch cutter adjusts the spring height;

(2) The cam drive connecting rod pushes the pitch knife out of the machine to better estimate the spring with large pitch.

5. Cutting mechanism: After the cutting mechanism is wound and formed, the cutting of the steel wire is the last processing action of the spring falling, and the cutting is performed by the knife and the core.


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