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Shaped spring

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Shaped spring forming machine

Profiled spring forming machines are commonly referred to as special forming equipment for the production of various types of tension springs, torsion springs and various snap rings and other resilient components. This type of special machine is more complex than the coil spring of a coiled compression spring, also known as a multi-station machine. The common special machine for winding the hook torsion spring in China is the straight-end coil spring machine. Its action adopts a rack and pinion mechanism, and the feeding mode is a reciprocating one-way feeding mechanism. The coil spring is in the form of a core winding, and the pitch control is realized by a cam which is moved by a vertical direction by a cam. The cutting mechanism is also controlled by a cam. This type of machine can only make a simple torsion spring. The domestic model is Z56-25. Only torsion springs with a wire diameter of 2.5 mm or less can be produced.

The machine for manufacturing the snap ring is called a press brake in the form of a multi-station. The steel wire enters the mold by feeding, and then the steel wire is bent into a desired shape by a series of jig actions. The key to such machines is the design and manufacture of the molds, which must be replaced when changing the variety. The adjustment takes longer.

Due to the ever-changing variety and shape of springs, spring mechanical requirements are required to meet the requirements of easy adjustment and suitability for many varieties. The new profiled spring forming machine has been able to complete a series of complicated movements from wire feeding to coil spring, bending, etc. Finally, the hook and ring processing of the spring tail can be completed. It can not only compress the compression spring, but also can be freely produced for the tension spring, the torsion spring, the double-head type torsion spring, the double-layer spring, and various types of circlips. There are many types of foreign-shaped spring forming machines. The main models are ZO type and FTU type of West Germany WAFIOS, MS type, AT type of Japan TC, HP, and MCF type of Japan Aoye Co., Ltd. The VF-800 type and so on.

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